Team 4545 Ouroboros: Community Outreach

This is our Community Outreach Page


2016-2017 Season

GirlStart Back to School STEM Saturday

Hannah, Nidhi, and Natalie worked at GirlStart on Saturday August 11th and showed upwards of 500 girls and families the amazing aspects of STEM careers.

NI Week

On August 4th, Steven, Philip, and Natalie walked around the many booths from National Instruments and other companies and saw how our experience in FIRST can benefit us in the future. We were lucky enough to be able to discuss with many of the engineers how we can approach tasks in the upcoming season.

FTC Viperbots Kickoff

The Viperbots Organization hosted our annual FTC Kickoff on September 10th in Vandegrift High School. The day before, 4545 members set up the cafeteria so there would be room for the 37 teams visiting from the greater Austin area. The day of, Gabe and Philip assisted in the team building activities before the Game Release. Then during presentations made by Chris Rake and other FIRST officials, Natalie recorded their speeches so that they could be posted on the Viperbots youtube for teams that were not able to attend.

Viper Nation FLL Scrimmaage

On November 5th, Gabe, Hannah, Nidhi, Steven, and Natalie assisted in the set-up, work, and disassembly of the annual Viper Nation FLL Scrimmage. Natalie took photos of all the teams and Gabe was time keeper for matches, while Hannah, Nidhi, and Steven assisted in disassembly of the event.


Introduced by Viperbots team 6299, the STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas is an organization that all 85 students in the Viperbots organization have proudly signed up for. Within Texas, S.A.C.O.T. promotes S.T.E.M. to students by “…advocating for increased government support…”.

Ace Academy S.T.E.M. Night

On January 15th, our team will host a 4-hour station-based presentation at Ace Academy in Austin. The school provides an optimal learning environment for gifted and talented students ages 3-18, with classes that vary from Emotional Intelligence, Fencing, and even Filmmaking. At our “S.T.E.M. Night”, we will have six stations: Easy, Oozy Slime, SWIFT Coding, an UNO Math Game, a Milk Surface Tension Experiment, Static Electricity Soda Can Races, and one to show the students our competition robot, displaying how they can apply what they’ve learned.

Ace Academy FLL Team

Throughout the competition season, we have been mentoring Ace Academy’s F.L.L. Robotics Team “ ___ ”. We were able to show the # students on the team our competition robot and describe our thought process, so they may apply new tactics to their Lego robot. The team also asked us many questions relating to how they could improve their robot, what approach to take, and how they could improve their presentation. Forming a strong connection with this team showed us how F.I.R.S.T. has changed our lives for the better and provided us with wonderful opportunities to impact others.

2015-2016 Season

Grid Earth Project

Our team raised over $1,800 in order to provide solar powered “Waka Waka” lights from Grid Earth Project for families in need in Belize. Many of the children in Belize struggle to further their educations, which roots from the lack of lighting in their villages. This lack of lighting limits students in their studying, removing all hope they may have for a college or even high school education. Kerosene, the cheap alternative to good lighting, is also extremely expensive for families, whose income is limited as it is. This perpetual cycle further limits which students may be given the opportunity to pursue STEAM careers or the education so many desire.

  Donate Here at Grid Earth Project's Website